Sinosure Signed Framework Agreement on Cooperation with Enel, Italy

On January 20th, Sinosure signed Framework Agreement on Cooperation with Enel( Italian National Electric Power Company),aiming to further deepen the cooperation with large multinational companies, explore the third-country markets such as Latin America jointly, strengthen project development in the fields of electric power, new energy and so on, and help Chinese enterprises and banks participate in the international projects.

According to the Agreement, Bank of China will provide Enel and its subsidiaries with a total credit line of no more than $1 billion,for which Sinosure will provide credit insurance.

The signing sets a good example for Sinosure��s efforts to develop the third country market jointly with the developed economy. It is also an active implementation of the Industrial Capacity Cooperation policy put forward by the Chinese government, and will facilitate Chinese enterprises and financial institutions to take part in the international power projects, and further help them ��Going Global��.

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