· SINOSURE Attended the Berne Union/Prague Club Joint Annual General Meeting 2014 (2014-10-28)
· SINOSURE Signed a Cooperation Agreement with MEHIB (2014-02-14)
· SINOSURE Attended Berne Union Management Committee Meeting (2014-03-04)
· SINOSURE Assistant President Xie Zhibin Met COFACE Asia Pacific Chief Richard Burton (2013-11-14)
· SINOSURE & K-sure Held the 9th Bilateral Meeting (2013-05-28)
· SINOSURE Chairman Wang Yi Met K-sure Chairman Cho Kye-ryoong (2013-05-16)
· SINOSURE Vice President Dai Chunning led a delegation to attend Berne Union Spring Meeting 2013 (2013-04-23)
· SINOSURE Inked a Reinsurance Agreement with EXIAR (2013-04-02)
· SINOSURE Vice President Nie Qingshan Led a Delegation to the G11 Heads of ECA Meeting (2013-03-12)
· SINOSURE Deputy General Manager Dai Chunning Met with Pamela Chibonga-led Delegation from the Ministry of Finance of Zambia (2013-03-21)
· SINOSURE Vice President Zhang Weidong Attended the Berne Union Management Committee Meeting (2013-03-08)
· SINOSURE Convened Symposium with General Managers from its Selected Branches (2012-12-03)
· SINOSURE��s Chief Supervisor Chen Zuofu made an inspection visit to Shanghai Branch (2012-11-16)
· SINOSURE Delegation Headed by Chairman Wang Yi Attended the Berne Union 2012 Annual General Meeting (2012-10-14)
· SINOSURE Held Symposium on Project Insurance with Selected Branches and Offices (2012-09-20)
· SINOSURE Held the 3rd Bilateral Exchange Meeting with HKEC (2012-09-17)
· SINOSURE and CCPIT Co-sponsored the 9th China International Credit and Risk Management Conference (2012-09-14)
· SINOSURE Attended National Working Conference on Export of Large Complete-Set Equipment (2012-09-12)
· SINOSURE Attended the 16th China International Fair for Investment and Trade (2012-09-12)
· SINOSURE Attended the Second China-Eurasia Expo (2012-09-02)

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